• Publications

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    3. Stochastic Simulation Algorithm for effective spreading dynamics on Time-evolving Adaptive NetworX (SSATAN-X). N. Malysheva and M. von Kleist, submitted , 2022 (preprint)
    4. Short and long-range interactions in the HIV-1 5’UTR regulate genome dimerization and Pr55 Gag binding. L. Ye, P. Bohn, A.-S. Gribling, A. Kibe, C. Börtlein, M.R. Smith, N. Caliskan, M. von Kleist, R. P. Smyth , Nature Molecular and Structural Biology (ahead of print), 2022 ( open access )
    5. Investigation of a limited but explosive COVID-19 outbreak in a German secondary school. S. Baumgarte, F. Hartkopf, M. Hölzer, Max von Kleist, S. Neitz, M. Kriegel, K. Bollongino, Viruses ,14, 87, 2022 (open access)
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    7. Numerical approaches for the rapid analysis of prophylactic efficacy against HIV with arbitrary drug-dosing schemes. L. Zhang, J. Wang, M. von Kleist, PLoS Computational Biology , 17 , e1009295, 2021 (open access)
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    12. COVIDStrategyCalculator: A software to assess testing- and quarantine strategies for incoming travelers, contact person management and de-isolation W. van der Toorn, DY Oh, M. von Kleist, Patterns (Cell press) , 2, 100264, 2021 (online)
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      M. von Kleist (67%) and Christof Schutte (33%) . German patent office. Pat.Nr.: 10 2010 060 311, 2010 (link)
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    65. Consortium Publications

    66. SARS-CoV-2 infection paralyzes cytotoxic and metabolic functions of the immune cells S. Yogesh, C. Trautwein, R. Fendel, …, O. Riess ( Max von Kleist as part of deCOI) Heliyon , 7 : e07147, 2021
    67. (online)
    68. Longitudinal Multi-omics Analyses Identify Responses of Megakaryocytes, Erythroid Cells, and Plasmablasts as Hallmarks of Severe COVID-19 J.P. Bernardes, N. Mishra, F. Tran, …, P. Rosenstiel ( Max von Kleist as part of deCOI) Immunity , 53 : 1296, 2021
    69. (online)
    70. Disease severity-specific neutrophil signatures in blood transcriptomes stratify COVID-19 patients. A.C. Aschenbrenner, M. Mouktaroudi, B. Krämer, …, T. Ulas ( Max von Kleist as part of deCOI) Genome Med, 13 : 7, 2021
    71. (online)
    72. Early IFN-α signatures and persistent dysfunction are distinguishing features of NK cells in severe COVID-19 B. Krämer, R. Knoll, L. Bonaguro, … , J. Nattermann ( Max von Kleist as part of deCOI) Immunity , 54 : 2650, 2021
    73. (online)
    74. Swarm Learning for decentralized and confidential clinical machine learning S. Warnat-Herresthal, H. Schultze, K. L. Shastry, …, J.L. Schultze ( Max von Kleist as part of deCOI) Nature , 594 : 265, 2021
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    77. (online)
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    79. (online)

      Publications in German

    80. Reiseassoziierte COVID-19-Fälle im Stadtkreis Offenbach und Deutschland, Juni – November 2020: Erkrankungsbeginnes und SARS-CoV-2-Testungen nach Einreise T. S. Boender , M. von Kleist C. Faust, H. Heese, B Bornhofen, M. Lewandowsky, M. Rieß , Epid Bull,  32, 3-13, 2021 (online)
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